gallery atelier soldina


A little store-front studio with the exhibition space
of 20 qm and with a large window facing the street
was established 2007 April and positions itself
geographically and philosophically as a non-profit showcase,
a minimal white-cube for the contemporary artwork slightly outside
the center of the city and of the art-market.
The energy of the programme is derived from the constant shifts in style,
provenance and engagements of artists. It aims to function as a think tank
to make contemporary art a daily experience for all.
As an artists-run center irrespectiv of medium, but loyal to painting
with a content-based approach to exhibitions without a need to
follow the trends or to make big statements, it offers for young
or mid-carreer artists who are under-represented but deeply commited
to their practice to participate in general dialogue of the art discours.

Soldiner Strasse 92, 13359 Berlin