Origin back

My works originate as a dialogue with that what attracts my attention.
The choice of the medium happens spontaneously.
The sense may crystallize during the process or it does not.
Sometimes I recognize what fascinates me in it:
to confront and to put together incompatible details
and then to see what happens.The things must also not
become more compatible through my work,
it is more about seeing: to make ambivalence visible
or to witness the disappearance and reappearance of things.
I use different materials and media like elements
of my incompatibility work.The fragmentary way to deal with
contents and forms is partly involuntary,
and is also partly chosen and desired.
Painting, drawing, objects, installations, photo, video
are tools I use to track down a statement
which cannot be made by other means.The media themselves
actually have in my work no value on their own. Rather,
they are instruments to measure the confrontation with
inadequacy of reality, insufficiency of perception,
the split of "I" and of the human culture.